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Repair guides for feature cell phones manufactured by ALCATEL. This category is for phones not using an Android or Windows operating system.

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How can I start a bootlooping phone in Safe Mode?

Hi everyone. Exactly a week today at this time, I updated Podcast Addict on my Alcatel One Touch M'pop 5020D. No I did not download it myself. I got it from a friend through an app share file. I only found the need to use it last week and I was prompted to update it, after which it shut down immediately I opened it. And then other apps started shutting down too. So before going to bed I restarted the cell. I woke up at dawn to realize it was stuck in bootloop.

I've tried wiping the cache partition and performing a factory reset in Recovery Mode, but that hasn't helped. Fortunately or unfortunately (I'm currently in a state of confusion as to whether or not this was a good decision after all) my phone is not rooted. I therefore can not apply several options in fixing this. I'd like to know if there's anyway, any medium at all, that I can boot into Safe Mode so I can uninstall the Podcast Addict. And probably other apps I'd received from another friend during that same week. Thanks for the help.

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the best thin to do is to flash it with a stock rom

go to THIS site and search for "ONETOUCH Upgrade" tool install and follow the instruction on it.. you should be good... good luck with that

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Thanks for the response. I tried that, but it doesn't work. That's because the phone is not recognised when I connected it to the PC. Basically because it's not powered on.

I also tried flashing a ROM using Recovery Mode. But that doesn't work either. I kept getting "Installation Aborted"


so you mean you have a custom recovery on it.... if so then you have to flash a different version of the recovery before flashing the ROM again..


using ONETOUCH Upgrade app your phone doesn't need to be on..

fully charge.. run the program and follow the screen....

i have solve a lot of boot loops with that tool


Unfortunately that's what I did. I can't find the stock ROM online so I tried other ROMs. And I always got the feedback "Installation Aborted".

That's true. But my phone doesn't appear. I do disconnect-reconnect, take out the battery and put it back in then connect. But no, it doesn't appear.

Please, help me. It's been 9days now and I dunno what to do anymore. I contacted Alcatel and they told me to do a factory reset, even though I clearly included in my complaint that I've already tried that and it did not work. I bought this phone just this January, and I'd sure love to celebrate Christmas this year with it.


are u having a custom recovery or stock on the phone?


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My name is CRuMBLe and I'm contacting you from 2 years in the future with the answer you seek...

Buy a new phone.

You'll thank me 2 years from now.

You're welcome.

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