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Computers that generally don't include an integrated display, and are meant to be stationary.

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Cannot find proper driver for USB VIA rev 5

Dear all,

I am trying W10 on a separate PC.

My problem is an irregularity in the USB area of my Device Mgr. Cannot find the proper driver for a VIA rev 5 USB host controller.

Block Image

USB devices are not (yet) recognized.

Can you help me?

Fred Altmann


Update (12/01/2015)

Better image of Device Mgr.


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Can you provide the motherboard and model?


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Hello Fredaltmann

There are 3 ways i know how to solve this.

the first way go to the device manager and go to your usb driver and right click all the ones that have a warning simbol from there go to properties and enter in driver and click roll back driver and see if that solve the problem the simbol should be gone

The second way is to go back to device manager go to your usb driver and right click it and disable it then restart your Computer and go back to device manager and enable it again the warning simbol should be gone .

The third way this is not 100% positive it will workbut download this program driver park online this program will check your Computer for drivers update or install it will requierd in the near future.


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Jeffrey, many thanks. I will try this in the coming days. Fred


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