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Released May 2004. Identified by model number T42 of the ThinkPad T40 series.

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Will not switch on?

No charge lamp lit prior to switch on. No lamps illuminate, no noise, nothing happens when "on" switch depressed. Same occurs with battery removed and ac supply (which is correct) is plugged in. This looks pretty terminal yes? Grateful for any advice, thanks.

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I don't think I would say terminal yet. I am including a link for the service manual for your computer--maybe it will show you a way to save it. Ralph


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Thanks Ralph, I've checked out the link, followed the procedures and looks like the system board is defective. I've found a refurbished board on e-bay at £40 so it's decision time. I have an electrical background but I've never dismatled and fitted a laptop motherboard. The step by step guide from this site makes it sound doable providing I take care and take the precautions listed in the link. I think it might be worth seeing if I can remove the old one 1st. What do you think? Thanks again, Mark.


+. I say go for it Mark, what do u have to lose?


Certainly try the removal of the faulty board first---just be sure to identify and save the hardware. Good luck Ralph


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Check the status of the internal button BIOS battery. Also make sure that at least the power light is on when the power adapter is plugged in.

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