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How to remove the original RAM?

I want to upgrade my memory into 2.5G,but problem seems they are not compatible. while added the additional 2G memory the Mac shattered down very ofthen .Besides the memory mode I bought is the required one,thus I accept the solution to remove the original 512M ,unfortinately it's soldered with the mother board.How to do it then?any tools necessary?

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make sure the RAM you are using meets the specs listed in this Apple Knowledge Base article:


PowerPC G5 processors are very finicky about RAM, make sure you are using quality RAM with a lifetime warranty - don't buy the cheapest module out there. Sounds like your machine just doesn't like the 2GB module... hopefully you can return it? If so try a different brand: OWC, Crucial, EDGE, Kingston all offer RAM which works well with G5 processors.

You cannot remove the internal 512MB module - it is surface mount soldered onto the logic board.

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Thanks David,

I ordered the exact same standard as it required.Here's what the seller described,


It's a Kingston for iMac533 model.

Will it depend on the operation system?Mine's still in Tiger

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no the version of OS X won't have any impact on whether the memory you bought works or not. To me, from the vendor's page, it's not 100% clear what the actual specs of the RAM are - you're basically trusting the vendor is selling you the right kind. Personally I would buy from a vendor that lists the actual technical specs and make sure they match the specs that David pointed to above


Oh,I got the lifetime warranty paper together with the product and the model sign tagged on the covery is KTA-iMac533/2G which said quite compatible to iMac G5... so confused , thanks anyway.


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