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The Nobis NB09 9” is a lightweight, portable internet tablet, released on January 17th, 2014.

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Unfortunately, Google Search has stopped..?

I've been using the tablet ALL day, and now every time I try to type something anywhere a dark gray box pops up saying "Unfortunately, Goggle Search has stopped."

It is really getting on my nerves and I can't go on anything at all! -.-

Also, the WiFi went down so I can't even play the games I installed earlier... ;-;

How do I get rid of this thingy...?

Or... How do I get Google Search to work again??

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If your wifi is down then more than likely your google search would be down because if I'm not mistaken it is tied to the internet to do searches. A lot of games are also tied to internet service and if you are not getting a wifi signal then you won't be able to use them. Once wifi is reestablished, then all should be well.

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I just receive my table now it saying that i need goggle play services but want let me install it.

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