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The original Xbox is Microsoft's first widely popular video gaming system. It has an easily identifiable black case with 'XBOX' emblazoned on the top and front. Repair is easy with common tools.

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Why is My Xbox showing Error Code 01?

My Xbox is flashing a red/green light and showing Error Code 01. Can you tell me what this means and how I can fix it? it is the original Xbox

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Hi louiserom70,

you might want to check this page for further information:

(e.g. What is the number of (red) lights that your ring of light shows? )


Regards and good luck/don't give up

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Thank you :)


hi again but it doesn't make any difference I mean still flashing red


Wow, you already replaced the MOSFETs and did a reflow of the CPU, HANA chip?

Please check again if this is the correct solution for your problem depending on the number of red lights blinking and the error code.

Maybe some else here has an alternative solution?


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Loose wire at one of the connectors.

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