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The larger of Apple's MacBook Air laptops featuring dual microphones and 802.11ac Wi-Fi connectivity.

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Damaged capacitor near the fan on the logicboard A1 V7


I have trouble with my MacBook Air, it doesnt come up anymore. I found a burned component, a small capacitor or so? Around that broken one there are a couple of more capacitors with the same type of code on it. A1 V7 with a withe dot in a corner. I like to replace that broken one, but it is really hard to find out what type it is for replacement.

Any Ideas?

Block Image

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@tragosso that is reference designator C7510 which is a 62UF 11V 20% capacitor in a CASE-B2 package. It will be a difficult capacitor to find. A Sanyo 11TJSF62MAIG would be a complete match but hard to get in small quantities. You may have to harvest one of an old board etc. This answer is just to identify your component, not to diagnose the reason why it has failed. Always consider that there must be reason why the capacitor failed.

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Thank You, now I have to harvest a broken board...

Could I choose 68UF 16V instead? It is a kind of Tanatalum Drip form Capacitor. Or this one 293D686X9016D2TE3 it is slightly larger 7,8mm instead of 4,8mm? So I will turn it 90° and solder it with extensions :)...? Can this work? The reason is a brocken Li-ion Polymer Akku...


It could work just remember that these are in the CPU Sandy Bridge circuit and this could get things to not work as intended


Hi, I got the right capacitor... Replacement was not that easy but finally it work very well... Thank again!


hello, congratulations, where did you get the part? can you share it?


Hello, Did you find the right part? Or do I have to find a logic board?


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