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A children's educational Tablet with the ability to connect to Wi-Fi. It was released by Vtech in 2013.

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It says connect to computer and does nothing

My sons InnoTab3s says "connected to computer" and does nothing else.

My computer wont open InnoTab3s at all. So that's not helping me either.

I have tried looking on the internet for answers, but so far nothing has been helpful. My son really wants his game back so I am trying my hardest. I don't know what else to do. Please and thank you for anything that might help us.

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Hi, What have you tried? What happens if you switch it off and then restart it?


It starts up, then after the logo "InnoTab", the next is " Connected to Computer". and it won't go off.


Hi my inno tab 3 says connected to.computer I can only use it on a charger and when I turn it on it just says connected to computer but its not mine can turn off probley because I just unplug it


yo la conecte a la compu con un cable generico, es decir que ese cable no sirve?, es que no tengo acceso al cable original


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Im having same issue.

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It would not work for me either but then I got the actual USB cable that came in the box and using that made it work.

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