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A large smartphone by LG, released in fall 2014. The LG G3 (D855) boasts a Quad HD IPS display and a 13-megapixel camera.

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My LG G3 wont turn on?

hi every one i need some Help please

I flashed My LG G3 with the Android 6.0 after that a mistake I used kingroot to root it then i let the Phone perfect the night

next day he wont turn On i retired battery nothing

i tried to go in recovery Mode or flash Mode also nothing took him to a repair place they said he worked like charm in 2hr then he'r we go again same problém

please i need your help

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any help please ?



Does it work when you have it connected to the charger? Does it show that it is charging?


yes its charging but there is No Red Light and if i let it a hole day its get discharge and show me a screen showing 0% battery


They probably changed the battery/charging port has the Rom you flashed might not have supported the various chips for your phone.


so What should I do please ??

one said to me there is a problem in the Ram because of bad rooting ??


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How old is it?

If you had it for a long time that might be a reason.

Have you dropped it at all or shook it a lot?

I dropped my iPhone a couple times and it did not turn on until the day after that.

Also when I was younger I shook my mothers iPad a couple of times and it didn't turn on either until

the next day.

Have you charged it or changed the battery?

That is another possible reason especially if you used it while it was charging.

What I'm saying is that you can either run down or kill the battery like that.

Also the more you use your phone while its charging the faster it will run out of battery's.

The last reason i can think of so far is magnets.

I know what your thinking,how can magnets have anything to do with your phone not turning on.

Magnets can screw up the circuit board and the compass on your iPhone so it won't turn on or turn on correctly and if it does turn on you will probably have problems getting to your phone home sceen

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the Phone is 5 month Old

i dropped him Just one time it had been 4 month now

and the problem is from 1 week only

the Phone was 67% when i plugged to charge it in the night but Next day he was OFF in one word No life dont go to recovery or download Mode

i never changed anything in the phone

no my friend i never Used My phone when he where charging

Its a LG G3 D855 Model runnig android 6.0

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my lg g3 problem is power off hate up not charjing show

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my lg g3 power off hate up and not charging show

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