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Backlight Removal and clean

Any methods for cleaning the Lcd after removing backlight for soldering? Sometimes when i remove the backlight, i may leave prints on the back of the lcd screen and i want to remove the prints. But, i end up just making a mess. any tips? Also, for soldering, would i use rosin core solder and apply it onto the new backlight's ribbon ends and then line it up with the Lcd ribbon then solder?

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You should use acetone with a micro fiber cloth and or a clean room wipe.

To solder, you usually don't have to add any more solder. Just melt the contacts and pull off. Then to reattach remelt the exposed solder before installing your new backlight.

Then you align the new backlight solder points and put your solder iron side ways the melt the solder underneath uniformly.

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Thanks. This helped a lot. When you were referring about the exposed solder, this is the solder that is already on the lcd ribbon right?


Yea, just get that melted with flux so it easily melts to the new cable.


Also, if I used acetone with microfiber cloth, it won't leave any trails behind? Because I know when I use isopropyl alcohol and microfiber clothe, it leaves like marks and trails behind.


Thanks for your quick response. So, i just have one more thing to ask about soldering. I want to make sure i have the process correct. So as soon as i remove the old backlight, i would take rosin solder flux and apply some above the solder on the LCD/Digitizer ribbon and not the new copper of the new backlight. after applying the flux onto the lcd ribbon, i would then line up the new backlight's connector with the LCD ribbon connector and then heat the back of the backlight. This would cause the flux to deoxidize the backlight's copper and would form the hold. Correct?


or would i have to apply the flux onto the LCD/Digitzer solder connector, then heat that up and afterwards, line the new backlight connector with the LCD and just solder?


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