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Guides and repair information for washing machines produced by GE, an engineering and technology company in the US.

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Washer not agitating or spinning

I have a GE top loading washer, model #WJSR4160G2WW, recently it has stopped agitating and spinning, it fills as normal, and then makes sounds like it might want to agitate or spin, but it doesn't, and then it will drain as much as it can without spinning water out of the clothes, and they come out soaking wet. We have replaced the door assembly, and checked the belt, it is fine and intact. I will be the first to admit that I am not the most mechanically inclined person, but I am hoping I can fix it myself. I was thinking maybe it was the door magnet, because there is no click when I open the door up, but I am not sure. Please help, I do not have money to hire someone or to buy a new one. Thanks!!!

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Also, I will add we have tried blowing in the pressure hose (it is not blocked or clogged at all, it looks almost new), the belt looks brand new and the pulley moves as it should. I have also reset the timer. When I try the resetting the motor "trick" (lifting the lid 5 times in 12 seconds after unplugging and replugging the washer) when I start the spin cycle it will click if I open the door (like it used to) and then click again when I close it, but it will not click if I lift it up a second time (not sure if this means anything.) I have ordered a new magnet for the door (I figured $4 isn't much to waste and if it fixes it...YAY!). Also we checked for a fault code and it is blinking one second on, one second off, and when I turn it on it does the .5 on, .5 off, so no fault code.


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Unfortunately the transmission on your GE has failed. If its under warranty call for service, if not you need to buy a new washer, the repair cost is very high on that type of repair....

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