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How to stop the bell

I have a rival toaster oven similar to the one in the picture. I work in a cubicle area at work so everytime I turn it on the bell rings. Is there a way to turn unplug it or something so that the timer still works but the bell is silent.?



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I have exactly the same toaster oven and question.


@yeltommo what model is your Rival Toaster Oven?


Okay, I lied. It's not exactly the same toaster oven in that it's a Black + Decker rather than a Rival, but I suspect it's the same design. It's called the 2 Knob Toaster Oven, but I can't find a model number.



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Most of these have a mechanical bell which is part of the windup timer. These are difficult to open and put back together.

Have you looked for an electronic timer version of toaster like a Breville mini toaster. At least you could then disable to electric buzzer unit.

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Thanks. The question is, how difficult? Let's assume I can't afford a new one. I read somewhere that someone was able to pull or bend the clapper away from the bell enough so that it didn't reach the bell when the timer ended. Not sure how similar his unit was. Are you suggesting that it's hard to disable the bell without disabling the timer (which in this case is integrated with the toasting/cooking function)?


Most of these timers are not designed to be opened so you end up breaking it. But even if you do open it up the design of the gear works of the timer makes it hard to disable the striker. The only thing you could do is pad the bell so its not as loud.

Have you tried locating a broken stove of the same series to practice on?


No, I haven't. If it's that hard, then it's probably not worth it, though padding the bell would definitely be better than nothing.


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