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The Kenmore Elite HE3 is a washing machine by Kenmore.

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meaning of OE code

getting OE code and does not drain/spin

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@ronhurley the error code "OE" is a "Drain error " and it is initiated by your washer not having fully drained in 10 minutes. Most common cause is a clogged filter. Check your "coin trap" filter for retained objects, like missing socks etc.:-)

To clean it

1. Take off the lower front panel

2. Turn the pump filter cover counter-clockwise by hand and remove. Place a bucket or pan underneath it since you will get water spilling out of there.

3. With a set of long pliers, remove the filter. Clean that of any debris etc. and replace it when cleaned.

4. Replace the filter cover and lower panel.

The other thing that could be going on here, is that the drain pump is not working and needing to be replaced. The service manual will have instructions on how to do that. There is also a decent video on here.

There will be plenty of water. So please make sure that you have lots of buckets and towels etc. to catch the water. It will be a stinky, dirty flood

You can download the service manual from from here.

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Have cleaned outf ilter blow hose clean still same fault


I followed this and didn’t fix anything. I am guessing the pump is clogged or not running at all...good luck


Worked for me , I just hope it stays working! Thanks


I had to replace the drain pump, 20 something bucks on Amazon. Not to hard but can be challenging for some. Fixed the problem.


Thank you so much. This did the trick!


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