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The Xbox 360 is the second game console made by Microsoft, and was released November 22, 2005.

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How can I rekey my disk drive?

My xbox recently started freezing so I bought a used one off eBay with a bad optical drive thinking I could just replace the drive. After doing that it plays DVDs fine, however it won't play game disks. I discovered via this forum that the optical drives are keyed to the console, is there some way to rekey the new console to accept the drive? Thanks!


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You'll need a program called Jungleflasher. You'll need to extract the firmware (Drive operating system, it holds your DVD key) of your old drive with a SATA cable. Jungleflasher will take this key, and inject it into a separate firmware, which is called iXtreme. If you're using a different model of drive (The options are Samsung, Hitachi, BenQ, and LiteOn), you will need to do a process called spoofing.

The new drive will lie to the 360 and say it is your old drive. So if you have a Hitachi drive, and the old drive was a BenQ, Jungleflasher will take the BenQ key, inject it into iXtreme (firmware), which will then be modified to make the Hitachi look like a BenQ, and then overwrite the Hitachi firmware.

Complex to read, Jungleflasher has a PDF that explains every step.

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Jack Cracker is correct however you do not need to used the hacked firmware if you don't want to. You can use the stock firmware from the good drive and just spoof it as the dead drive revision with the dead drive's key.

To do this you would also need to read the working drive to get the stock firmware.

For example. (very much dumbed down! read the PDF previously mentioned by Jack)

If you had a dead Samsung and a working Benq.

-Read both drives and save the original firmwares.

-In jungle flasher firmware tab use the Benq stock firmware as the target and the samsung stock firmware as the source (you will understand once you explore Jungleflasher a bit)

-Make sure you spoof source to target. The should essentially flash the benq with the Samsung key and spoof it as a samsung so the xbox thinks it's the same drive.

-write and you should be good.

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