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Quick Glass Repair Questions. Before and After effects.

Hey guys, I am about to do an iphone 6s plus glass repair. My first one. So, im a bit curious as to the difference between the Glass repair for the 6s plus and the glass repair for 5s. As far as i can tell, they're very similar. But here are some questions i have.

1. Will the 6 plus glass fit the 6s plus?

2. After replacing the glass or 6s plus, will all functionalities work? (Force touch/3D touch, Sensors, etc)

3. Is there a specific type of special glass i will need to buy? or will the Ebay ones work?

4. Are there any recommendations or things i should be aware of before repairing?

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First of all, no you can't go from 6 to 6S. Second, if you're planning on doing a glass only repair, unless you do this everyday, it's going to be quite a lot more work, and probably unsuccessful. There are many intriquicies in a glass only repair. I would go with a full assembly. Save yourself the headache, over a few more dollars you'll have to spend on the assembly. The iPhone 5 and up are very close in repair ability. But, they all have their own differences. I'll show you the guide for your phone. Take your time, and double check your work. I'm certain you can find a cheaper display assembly. However, third party parts, will usually yield third party problems


iPhone 6s Plus Display Replacement


iPhone 6s Plus LCD and Digitizer - Original LCD

iPhone 6s Plus LCD and Digitizer - Original LCD Изображение


iPhone 6s Plus LCD and Digitizer - Original LCD


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Well, I'm pretty confident on my LCD glass removal skills. I've bought a seperator machine awhile back and have been using it quite often since then. It's just what i'm curious about is the fucntionality of the phone. Im aware i have to remove the 3D touch panel before i can get to the backlight and and LCD. But aside from this, is there anything i have to worry about? Will removing the glass ruin any of the functionalities is my main concern.


The LCD is working, so for me, it's better to repair the phone's glass only rather than buy a new part for $400. I also have experience with the glass repair from the 5s. Im aware they're two different phones, but looking at it, the interior has similarities.


Yeah. If you've done it before and you're confident, then have at it. You still can't swap the parts. The socket connectors are different


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I think the 6s plus is a little bigger, by like a millimeter, not sure if its enough to cause a difference. Good luck!

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