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Released in North America in November 2006.

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Teardown/troubleshoot for balance board?

Are you planning a similar troubleshooting and teardown guide for the balance board?

I've found that after a while they start losing connection to the console, particularly when stepping or other more-energetic activities.

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Sorry, I could only get you these. The board bottom has basic phillips drive screws but the sensors themselves have large Torx screws I don't have a driver for. But here is the opened underside.

Block Image

Block Image

Block Image

Personally I've noticed some of the software (games) for the Wii will sometimes lose sensitivity after a period of time playing, similar to an un-homed stepper motor over time losing steps. But if this isn't that sort of problem check the the cable connector between the battery compartment and the main board; the cable connector can be pulled out/put in pretty easily. The compartment only has two screws but can only be pulled up after the main underside comes up. Feet come off first. Hope this helps :)

P.S. There are no hidden screws or out-of-the-ordinary bit drivers needed to open it up

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