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Дата выхода 19 сентября 2014 года. Это большая версия iPhone 6 с 5.5-дюймовый экраном.

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How to Restore Lost Data from iPhone iPad after iOS 9.3 Update

I use iPhone 6 Plus when I open my phone this morning I was prompted to update my iPhone 6 plus to the latest iOS 9.3, so I did without backing up. Unfortunately, In the process of upgrading, my mobile phone is power off. When I connected my iPhone with charger and launched again, I found the upgrade was failed, what's worse, some of my data like contacts, text messages were lost. How can I recover lost data from iPhone 6 Plus after iOS 9.3 upgrade? I need to get back all lost contents from my iPhone 6 Plus on iOS 9.3, please help!!!!!!!!

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Actually, as iOS 9.3 came into the market, many iOS 9 and evenOS 8 users can’t wait to upgrade their iOS device for more convenience and new functions. If you lost data from your iDevices due to iOS 9.3 upgrade, please don't worry, what you need is an iPhone/iPad data recovering tool – iPhone Data Recovery. The tool provides 3 ways to efficiently restore your lost data from iPhone iPad and iPod touch even after iOS 9.3 Update/Downgrade/Jailbreak:

【Part 1】Recover Lost Data Directly from Your iOS Devices

【Part 2】Restore Lost Data from iTunes Backup

【Part 3】Restore Lost Data from iCloud Backup

【Part 4】Fix abnormal iOS to normal

Read the details from: Recover iPhone lost data after iOS 9.3 update


You can easily recover your lost data contacts text messages or other data from your iPhone 5s, iPhone 6, iPhone 6s, Plus with iPhone Data Recovery software, and you can also try the free trail version from this articles:

Recover iPhone iPad Data Contacts after iOS 9.3 Update



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As a matter of fact, there are several ways for you to restore lost data from iPhone after iOS update.

Firstly, try to recover them with the backup files in iCloud. When you log into your account, you are able to merge your backup files on your iPhone. However, this method cannot help you retrieve all your lost data.

Otherwise, you can restore the latest backup in iTunes. Just make sure that the last backup file is earlier than you update the operating system, and all the existing will be replaced by the content of backup files. Then you can get your lost data back.

However, if your last backup file is out-of-date, you can try to restore your lost data by using iPhone Data Recovery tool, which can assist you to analyze the data inside your iPhone and recover them even without any backup. Hope this helps.

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