Composite TIVO DVR Not Recording

I have a TIVO DVR. When the TV is off, the DVR turns to the correct channel but no picture /sound is recorded. I have played with the TV's power settings, but still nothing.

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Hi, Have you programmed the TIVO to record a program? You need to go into the Recording Settings menu option of the TIVO unit to set up a timed recording session. What is your Tivo model number?


Yes, this TIVO system has been working for years. I just switched out the LED TV for a Smart TV. That's when the trouble started. I have a Samsung Smart TV hooked to a TIVO DVR in another room and it's fine.



Is there a recorded program in the TIVO but there is no video /audio when played back on the TV?

Is there no recorded program in the TIVO at all?

Does the input signal source (antenna lead or cable box lead come thru the TIVO before it goes to the TV, or are there separate signal leads for the TIVO and TV?


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