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Logic Board R010 Green Fuse Cracked Blown


I had a working macbook air late 2010 / 11.6" A1370.

I recently replaced both the keyboard and battery as they were faulty.

Whilst doing this I noticed some slight corrosion around a few of the components dotted around the logic board. It must have sustained some slight liquid spill in the past.

I didn't think much of it as the machine booted up before I replaced the keyboard and battery. (The original battery was swollen in the top left cell near the main connector).

And the original keyboard power button was missing its clips.

With everything disconnected I cleaned the corrosion off with isopropyl 100% , dryed off and rebuilt.

Now the machine wont power up. Magsafe led is amber then green showing battery charges. Tried resetting the SMC by disconnecting battery and power on button and the other way with left shift , control and alt and power on button, releasing then just power button. This does nothing, no change on magsafe light whilst doing this.

Had a look at the logic board and spotted a Green fuse or resistor R010, it seems to have a dividing crack, line through it. The solder surround isnt damaged.

I wonder could this be the cause of the problem?

Anyone have any tips or ideas?

Thanks for reading.

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Good eye's! Yes, damaged components can cause problems! Sometimes they are fleeting (failing and then working). So having one that has failed hard are much easier to isolate or ones you can see are damaged as in this case.


Thanks for the speedy replies, luckily I know someone who can repair logic boards at component level. This MBA is a great little laptop!


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chaz that resistor is R9700 which is a 0.01 ohm 0.5% tol 1W in a 0612 package and it is a critical part coming from your LCD backlight power rail. It appears to be one of the sensing resistors. Most likely not related but you do want to change it or at least use your multimeter to check it.

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Thanks oldturkey03. I will get the logic board repaired. As I wouldnt know where to source those parts and my logic board repair skill experience is limited.


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