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Amazon's second generation e-reader with a 6'' e-ink display, five-way controller, and QWERTY keyboard.

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Can American kindle2 be modded to connect wirelessly in Canada?

I purchased the Kindle2 before they were available in Canada. I can connect to Whisper net if I go to the U.S.

I see on the Ifixit that there is a wireless card in the Kindle but I don't see the equivalent of a sim card or whatever has the protocols to connect to a cell phone system. DEoes any one know how this works or if I can mod the Kindle 2 to behave like the new Kindle 3 that I just got?

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Ouch. That is what I suspected. There is an outline for a sim on the board but I bet they got a better deal from Whispernet or the guys who made it if they incorporated it right onto the board.

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Yeah they probably couldn't have people getting around their deals with wireless providers. Also, if you found my answer to be acceptable can you please click Accept Answer so that we mark this question as resolved? Thanks.


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No, you have to damage the logic board to extract the sim

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my kindle 2 works world wide with no problem.

I have used it in Puerto Rico, New York, St Martin and England i have never had to do anything to it to make it work everywhere i go so i bet they just work that way.

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