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Repair and disassembly guides for the Compaq Presario CQ40.

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How can I log into my computer or reset laptop?

On start up my laptop will not allow me to push keys in order to put my password in anyone know how i can fix this ?

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Hi Can you connect a USB keyboard and see if this allows you to find out what is wrong?


Please help me too my computer can't display


Hi, Can you connect an external display and see if you are getting anything displayed on it?


I forgot my log in password how can I get in


Hi, my computer has a password and I want to change my password and I need your help.


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Hello Dan

In my opinion the keys in your keyboard might be damaged that why it not working you can try to use a external keyboard to see if it let you put your password correctly


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Presario CQ61 laptop


@randell This is a completely different issue than the keyboard question. Please post a new question with your specifics.


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System disable key:51184644

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