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The Samsung Chromebook XE303C12-A01US laptop features an 11.6" screen and a 16 GB SSD hard drive. This small notebook computer allows for easy access to the Internet and can run various web apps.

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Can RAM be upgraded?

Can RAM be upgraded in this Chromebook? The module listed in the specs is 2GB DDR3L RAM. This is readily available in 4GB and 8GB kits. The Chromebook gets sluggish over time and this would be a great help

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Your answer is INCORRECT. It seems that the RAM is soldered to the board (this is an SOC board, System On a Chip) and has no user serviceable memory slots.


How do you upgrade the chromebook


I think the problem is more or less that the chromebook gets sluggish over time and not that there very little ram.

Try a ram cleaner maybe?

With the newest Chrome OS, you might be able to install a ram cleaner app from the google play store.

( I have a black Samsung chromebook 3 )


which ram cleaner???


Ram cleaners don't help. You need to stop programs from running automatically. If you run a program to clean ram, that program is likely using ram, and it's just shutting down programs that are auto-running anyway. And process repeats once you reboot PC. In command prompt type in "services.msc" to bring you to page to manually change program startup behavior. Alternatively, press Ctrl+Alt+Del, go to Task Manager, click on startup tab to shut down from there. Microsoft OneDrive is one that auto runs.


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There are no RAM card slots; the RAM chip is soldered to the board. But there is another way to upgrade your RAM. You can enable swap memory, which uses part of the SSD as RAM : 1) Open a terminal by typing CTRL-ALT-T 2) Type this as it appears: swap enable 2000 3) Hit ENTER, then restart your Chromebook. You can make the RAM swap size whatever you like/ need, I believe it’s up to 6GB (swap enable 6000).

Block Image

Block Image


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Thanks for the tip!


how do you undo (turn the RAM back into memory.)


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Unfortunately No,

Like this type and many other Chromebooks the RAM is solderd directly on to the motherboard.

I'm Sorry

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You could, I guess, with a little patience and a lot of luck, unsolder the RAM and put on a different one. It’s way easier to rewire Chromebooks than other computers…

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