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The Visual Land Prestige Elite 8Q is an 8-inch Android tablet produced by Visual Land.

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Why did the screen shatter?

Took 1 yr old visual land prestige elite 8QS out of case, Screen was fine this morning, now the screen is shattered, and case is missing 8 key on keyboard, Where can I get the things for my tablet and its case (It's pink and so is the case.) I have A TON of apps and games, and need it for me to draw (I have manequin or however you spell it posing apps to draw things.) Summing my question up in one sentence: 1 yr old visual land prestige elite 8qs has broken screen + case missing a keyboard key.


It was in the case when it happened. My guess is the case (Having a magnet that locks the case) Had gotten too locked on and squished the (key)board really hard on top of the screen. Hey, It survived a huge out of the case fall from my ENORMUS top bunk (Really close to my ceiling) And I went down and picked it up and it was fine.

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The screen is easier to break out of its case.learned that the hard way.

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