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A 12.1 inch screen laptop manufactured in 2004 by Toshiba with a Pentium M 733 1.1 GHz Ultra Low Voltage processor.

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Turn on but black screen

I turn on the laptop but the screen was black

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Hi, Connect an external monitor and see if there is a display showing on it. if there is what is it showing, a normal desktop or perhaps an error message? Let us know so that we can advise further.


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Are you using Windows 10? If so, this seems to be a very big bug that's been floating around since late 2015. I'm trying to find a solution, too.

If you press Control-Alt-Delete, do you get a blue screen with options like "Lock", "Sign out", and "Task Manager?" If so, can you start Task Manager? Maybe you can see some programs running there that shouldn't be.

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