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This is a touchscreen tablet manufactured by Samsung that was released in September 2015.

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How can I replace my digitizer assembly?

Ok, so a couple days ago, guy rams into me, and in doing so, he makes me drop my brand new Samsung Galaxy Tab S2. In the very strained exchange of words that proceed, he refuses to pay any money for my tablet. Anyways, (I apologize, I am still slightly salty about it) I go to the only licensed repair shop for Samsung devices in my town to get a repair quote. To my dismay it is more than the tablet is worth ($650). So to cut to the chase, I am not getting it done there. My only other option is to do it myself. I have a source for the parts, all I need is a little guidance since I can't get the thing apart. Any help would be greatly appreciated, as I would prefer to get it back running ASAP. If anyone has attempted anything with the galaxy tab S2, I would love some insight, as there is little to nothing on the subject anywhere.

Thanks guys.


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I hope you didn't buy the screen. It is really not worth repairing. The screen costs like $370+.


I found a digitizer assembly for $250. I know it's a bit steep, however it was a gift with some sentimental value attached (as crazy as that sounds) but I'd like to try and actually keep it if I could, even if I have to funnel some extra money into it. However, I definitely do understand where you're coming from (I nearly had a stroke when I first started to look :P)


I would report that shop to the BBB! LOL. IF $100 an hr, the work shouldn't take an hr. (For a repair shop) you can take a laptop appart, reflow a CPU, GPU chip and reassemble in an hr! In malls, they have screen replacement Cios (spelling) for iPhone or iPod for 60+. Not sure on a tablet.


Kiosk you mean?


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I actually just had to remove the screen/digitizer on a Tab S2, and it was definitely a lot of work. The screen is held in place with some pretty strong adhesive so I found just pulling off the screen with a suction cup alone would not do it. I recommend having a friend help because believe me, it's hard to pull off. What I did was use the iFixit iOpener tool, heated it up and placed it on two edges of the device that meet at a corner, I did this about 3-4 times (If you're in a pinch a heated cloth bag of rice would also work it just might take longer). After each try I used a suction cup to try to loosen the screen. Also what helps is if you use a spudger or some sort of spacing utensil to put a little space between the metal edge and the screen (I had to make space with a little force because I know the screen is almost perfectly sized so there is little free space). I had a friend help me and hold down the device while I pulled on the screen. Finally there is a ribbon cable connected on the top of the device so you need to be careful not to damage anything by ripping it out, so you'll only want to lift up the screen 3-4 inches on the end you pried it up, and then go around and loosen the rest of the edges before disconnecting the cable.

If there needs to be any further clarification just ask! I'm actually working on a repair guide at the moment but it might not be finished for a couple of weeks.

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Thank you for the advice. Everything seems crystal clear, however I did have a question. Did you take the back off of the tablet, or take the screen off the front.


I took the screen off the front.


Was trying to find a teardown but seems to be non-existant. Just would like to ask if the back was designed not to be opened?


The back isn't designed to be removed, just the screen


Did you use glue when replacing the screen? If you did, what type? Thanks.


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sorry about your tablet.

I broke mine by dropping it like you I called repair shops. $$$$$$$$$$$$

So I called Samsung support. they changed all that was broken and even serviced it.

$223.58 look them up .

I am very satisfied


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