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The Vtech Kidizoom Smart Watch DX was released by Vtech in August 2015. There are six different colors of the Kidizoom Smart Watch DX, but repair guides for all models are the same.

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Can you delete a group of pictures at a time?

I have a lot of pictures stored on my Smartwatch DX. Is there an option to delete them all at once to save time?

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Yes. If the smart watch is connected to the computer it works as an external device like flash

memory, which allows the user to select multiple pictures at a time and delete them.

First, you will need to connect the watch into your computer. Once it connects a window will

pop up to show you that your computer is connected to an external device. Click that button to

show the files that are saved in your smart watch. Lastly, you can highlight how many pictures or

videos you want to delete, then right click and delete them.

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