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7.9 inch display iPad Mini, with 16, 32, or 64 GB of storage.

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LCD Not turning on

I work at a repair shop and i had an ipad min glass to fix.

the story goes is that the customer said hey broke it and then came straight to us and that it was working and turning on that day before he broke it

i did my usual thing, checked if it was on and took the glass off

after i took i t apart and put a new glass on it

i checked to see if it'll turn on but got nothing.

i tested a new lcd we had in the back and still nothing . i tried to connect it to the mac and it did register it and asked me to confirm something on ipad.

im not really sure what could have caused it to not turn on , and i need something to test or try . My Manager is already on my ass about not breaking anything and i just really need to make it work if i can. i cant really afford buying someone a new one

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So when you tested it, the LCD was displaying correct?


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Haa I had this situation too,

Is it possible that you didnt unpluged the battery before unplugging the lcd ?

The iPad mini is known for blowing the Backlight circuit when their is still power through the board.

To make sure this is really your situation, shoot some light directly on the lcd while everything is plugged and turned on. You may be able to see something, like if the brightness was really low.

Another way, is to plug it in the computer. If it tries to install the driver or is seen by iTunes, that mean it's still power on.

If you live in the US, send it to Jessa (ipad rehab). If you are in Canada, I Could help you with this problem.

Thank you


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I just read the part you said you connect it and was seen. So this is really a Backlight circuit problem. I would highly recommend that you dont try to repair it yourself if you dont have a good microscope.


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