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A point-and-shoot digital camera by Panasonic identifiable in North America by model number DMC-ZS7

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My pictures are okay but my video won't work

every time I film it doesn't sinc the voice and doesn't record for 2 mins it cuts of.

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What size memory card is inserted in the camera?

It may be that there is no memory card inserted and as there is only 15Mb of internal memory in the camera that is why you are getting only 2 minutes of video filming. The camera stops automatically when there is no recording space left.

The camera is capable of handling SDHC memory cards with a capacity of up to 32Gb, which should hold at least 6-8 hours worth of video filming.

This is the memory specifications taken from the User Guide.

Block Image

This is a link to the User Guide.


This is what the memory card looks like.

Block Image

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