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The GameCube is Nintendo's fourth console gaming system. Repair is simple and requires only common tools.

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Screen colour black and white while playing

The screen is black and white when playing

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Hi Allposition,

A GameCube can display black and white when the video cables aren't hooked up correctly. Most GameCube cable harnesses have composite cables, component cables, or some combination of the two. If you inadvertantly mix up these connections, the video will display incorrectly. I'd check the back of your TV to make sure your system is wired up correctly. If your setup is correct, you might actually have a faulty cable harness. You can buy replacement cables here.

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I have composite but I have eight holes the components can be plugged into which holes would they go in


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Have replaced all cables and still showing black and white… is it possible my tv is too advanced or can this be due to the console itself?

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check to see if your tv is in av mode, often this mistake is your in component mode which requires 5 things, av is the mode you want it has the 3 things, sorry dont know what they are called

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