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Nintendo Gamecube WaveBird Wireless Controller DOL-004: released in 2002, the WaveBird is compatible with the Nintendo Gamecube, Nintendo Wii, Nintendo Wii U, and Nintendo Switch game consoles.

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Receiver? Can any receiver work?

I have just a receiver for a wireless controller, so I'm curious to know can I buy any gamecube controller to hook up with the receiver?

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No, not any controller will work. You have to figure out what receiver you have and make sure the controller is the same make.

For example, you attached this question to the "WaveBird" device which is a specfic type of receiver / controller combo.

If you want to know more about controller to buy you should google any names or numbers you see on the receiver or post some pictures of it. Your best bet for getting controllers is a used game store or ebay.

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biut unlike some wireless controllers I have seen for PC you can use ANY Wavebird reciever for this controller, you just need to make sure that the channel of your controller and the channel of the reciever match (they go from 1-16 and you need to choose the same for both so for example both to channel 1)

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