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The Asus Transformer Book T100TAF is a 2-in-1 laptop and tablet with a detachable keyboard released in March 2015.

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Need some advice on why my replacement digitizer is not working

Here is my problem. I have done one of these Asus Transformer T100TAF digitizer before and not had a problem. This one after I got it put back together the touch screen would not work. The next thing I did was purchase a new digitizer assuming the original replacement was bad. Ever sense the new digitizer came in I have been trying to test it with out taking off the protective plastic ( just in case it does not work then I can ship it back) and it seams like the new replacement I got is not working as well. Am I doing something wrong? I have also check to see if any fuses were blown or browned but that is not the case. I would greatly appropriate your responses.

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Hard to answer without more information, but a go-to answer with T100TAFs is always to check the part number on the ribbon cable. These have shipped with different digitizers for the same model. There is both a black and gold ribbon cable OEM version, then a chinese replica, then a different third party replacement with a diferent part number. You want to match it exactly, including the last 3 characters. The next suggestion I might have is to watch your screw locations. They are actually used to ground the device so if you put a black coated screw where an aluminum screw should be you get grounding issues. When you test it, if it is unresponsive try grounding your other hand to the metal case and then touching it. Sounds crazy but I have seen it behave this way.

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