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PS4 Controller model CUH-ZCT1. Released in November 2013 by Sony Computer Entertainment, this six-axis, 3.7 V lithium ion battery controller is uncomplicated to repair.

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Why is the R2 button interfering with the left analog stick?

When I press the R2 (right trigger) the left analog stick moves (not physically) to the left. It is interfering directly as I saw it using the DS4windows software to analyze the input data.

What might be the problem? Hardware? Software?

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i have never seen this but

it would most likely be hardware as ps3 controllers had issues like this


i have this same problem except my left stick goes up, and also when im holding up on left stick the levels bounce from 50-75% basically spamming up.


i have this same problem when pressing my right trigger it adds an imput on my left stick to go up even tho the stick isnt moving when i do move the stick it will kinda fight between the inputs this is on a aftermarket xbox one controller that i uses on windows


I have a problem with my ps4 controller where when I play minecraft if I press r2 it starts drifting looking left and it is annoying I tried a hard reset on the controller, also set settings to default and and done the hold down analog for 30sec trick but it does not work so can I confirm it is a hardware problem and if so what part should I fix


I haven't personally run into this issue, but I could ask some follow-up questions that could help identify the cause.

Were there any recent repairs done just prior to this issue's first appearance? If so, then what?

If this issue just randomly appeared for no reason (and no prior attempts were made) then do you remember any specific circumstances that might somehow be related?

Are there any other strange occurrences with the remote aside from this specific issue -- that you've noticed?


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Some years passed i see - but maybe someone will use it :)

I had this problem too and it was solved by cleaning potentiometer on X (up and down) axis of Left Stick.

Its a small disk like thingy inside left stick.

This video shows it preety good https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4AkDIzKq... - however i didnt replaced the part but cleaned it with tissue paper. There was some dirt or rust, i dont know.

However be careful because as told in video you can broke it easily.

It really sound strange but it worked - i cleaned it about 2 weeks ago and the problem vanished :).

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Wait isn't the y axis up and down lol? I have a question though, what could you do to temporarily make the problem come /go? My problem is I'm supposed to send the controller into Xbox for a replacement but it doesn't do it all the time it just comes and goes which is extremely annoying and surely to get you killed pretty much every time it happens if you're playing a shooter, so I wish I knew a way to get it stuck like that so I could be sure they would see what the problem is


Right On Brother. Sure enough there was a spec of dirt reeking havoc! Had to get inside it to clean it right the first time. Thanks


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hardware. the ps4 uses a see through circuit board to register button presses. it could be as simple as buying a new see through board or just cleaning the present one off with some alchohol.

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Hey, i’ve been expiriencing this issue, if you want it to stop just pull the joystick out, point it to the right and give it a good blow in the hole that appears on the left side

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