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Released October 2012, Manufactured by Sony Computer Entertainment America LLC, Product #99037

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1.5mm Jack is shorting out.


I have the Sony Pulse Elite and when I try to connect anything with the 1.5mm jack the sound will only play in the left ear unless I hold the jack at a specific angle.

I feel like the 1.5mm jack is either shorting out, just loose. Is there a simple way to fix it for either ailment? I am posting this today but will try to see if the Motherboard fix will help me investigate this more.


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I have same problem with the WH-H900N headphones. When I plug the wire into the jack, it doesn't stay firm, and moving my head or the wire causes one or more channels to drop out. What I need to know is HOW to take that headphone cup apart to get at the jack and, hopefully, re-crimp the female prongs so that they grip more firmly.

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