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Our friend and ancient philosopher Lao-Tzu gave excellent business advice: "A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step." Here are a few first steps for your business.

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smartphones/tablets repair training needed in the United Kingdom

I live in the United Kingdom and my business plan on wholesale liquidation of smartphones and tablets just got approved.I am on a program to encourage me to get self-employed and get of the job seekers'allowance.I would like to learn repairs as this would increase my profit margins.Please can anyone kindly suggest how I could go about learning this,I am a total newbie.

Thank you.

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You will learn a lot doing the repairs. If I where you I would watch and study as many tutorials on this site as you can. Also before you make any repairs review the repair guIdes! Make sure you feel comfortable with making any repairs before you promise you can repair any thing. You can learn so very much from this site! Also you have other repair techs on this site that are more than willing to help. Wish you the best in your business.


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I am certified repair technician and work for myself as well as a company called iCracked. iCracked has training videos available to watch to learn how to do the repairs. There are also many other videos out on the Net that are very helpful. I also have some .pdfs that may be helpful for you if I know which models you want to work with. Each model is different so it is important to make sure you are looking at the correct one for the device you are working with. It is also imperative that when you are working with these devices, you take care not to damage any of the tiny flex cables or their sockets. Let me know if there is something in particular you would like to view.

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