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Announced in October of 2013. Identified by Model Number D610 and repair of this camera is similar to other Nikon D series camera of that year.

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The colors in my photos have been off by a couple shades?

I was using my camera the other day at my job. When I put it into its bag without turning it off first. When I took it out of the bag later and realized it was still on I noticed that it was in some weird setting that I had never seen before. Since then I have been getting photos that do not show the true shade of the actual image. Is there anyway to fix this to get rid of these color shift problems?

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The camera's White Balance is off.

White Balance compensates the camera's color rendering for different types of lighting. Without white balance compensation, photos taken under warm white indoor lighting will have a pronounced yellow cast, while photos taken with flash will tend to look blueish.

On the D610, White Balance is set as follows:

  • Press the WB button (to the left of the display)
  • Use the main dial to cycle through various presets until the appropriate preset is visible on the camera's top deck display.

If you don't want to be bothered with setting the correct white balance each time the lighting changes, set it to AUTO. This way the camera will guess the correct white balance for each shot, and this works fairly well. When the camera is in one of the preset automatic modes, white balance will always be automatic. Manual white balance applies in P, S, A, and M mode only.

Detailed info on the D610's white balance settings can be found on page 115 of the camera's user manual.

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Though I agree with the answer of the Flying Dutchman, remember that if you use auto you may get changing white balance (and thus apparently different colours) even in a number of shots taken only seconds apart. The camera then assesses the situation for each shot separately, and if the light changes between shots it will produce different results.

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You could try a quick settings reset by holding down the +/- exposure comp button on the top panel and the thumbnail button on the bottom left of the back panel at the same time for 10 seconds or so until the display resets back to normal.

This will clear any odd settings back to the out of the box state.

I have found a quick guide with images here http://seventrumpet.com/how-to-reset-nik...


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