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Дата выхода 25 сентября 2015 г. Модель A1687 / A1634. Ремонт данного устройства схож с предыдущими моделями, требующий отвертки и инструменты для вскрытия. Доступен в версиях GSM или CDMA; с 16, 64 или 128 ГБ памяти; в цветах: Серебристый, Золотой, «Серый космос» и «Розовое золото».

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Vertical lines on display and ID toch not working :(

Hey guys.So I messed up my phone with upgrades.Few times I f**еd up battery,ear speakers,camera and flash light lol Then I was trying to install new housing I had issues with screws and I decide to use clue to take them off,any way,this time when I took phone apart everything went well except the one thing that screw did not came out I put it back together and then Touch ID stops working and I got vertical lines on the screen.Im just so upset on my self and it's expensive thing! Anyone can help me to find solution,maybe replace flex cable,or should I replace the screen?

Half of the screen not working as well and I can't unlock my phone :/

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Check the digitizer connection to see if it's slightly bowed (the upper of the four screen connectors) . Even a tiny bow can cause those symptoms.

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I did check it so many times! Really I don't know what to do.Just probably will get another phone :/ I took the metal shield from the back and there was flex cable from Toch ID and it even got worst :/ I clean so many times flex cable connection it's not helping way.Maybe I just should replace the sheild?


I would try a known good screen, make sure that works.


To get new screen gonna cost me helf of the price of the phone.I just decide to get new phone.But I may gonna get shield and will try to replace it.So as I can see there is very high risk to damage the phone if u need to replace Toch ID flex cable,because it's not like on IPhone 6,it's inside the shield :/ I need to replace Toch ID flex cable as well :/


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