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Repair guides and support for Chromo Inc. tablets. Chromo tablets include the name “Chromo” in capital letters in the center of the tablet’s backing.

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Cracked Screen and Unresponsive to touch

I have a Chromo Inc Tablet, I recently got for my birthday.. I put my tablet in my purse and i carried my purse around with me all day.. but i did not have anything that could crack the screen in my purse, when i got home i gently grabbed my tablet and the screen is partially cracked and unresponsive to touch, only on the very bottom of the screen it will respond to touch but the top and the middle of the screen is unresponsive..I've only had that tablet for 1-2 months.. How do i fix this? do i have to get a new screen? Im worried about loosing my data, I have IMPORTANT data in the device, i have things in that device that are important and i cannot get past the security screen, Please help.. Thank you SOO much!

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should just replace the crack screen or touch then it will be ok,,,no data will be lost.is this ok for you

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How much would someone chatge me to replace 2 screen on 2 chromo 7inch tables

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