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Why does Apple need me to reauthorize my PC

I recently switch from Windows 7 to 10. Apple is asking me to authorize my PC so as to have access to hundreds of CDs in My Music. Can you help me out with that?

Thanks very much.


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Do you know what the procedure is, Terrance? If you do can you lay it out for me? In the meantime I'll be looking for the process myself. Thankis!


Hi @royhendy,

Have you seen this? If so apologies. Scroll down to the section headed Windows Users.



Hey Jayeff,

I went to the link you provided me but once there I am told that my computer is authorized as is my iPhone. The problem is that it still does not let me access ALL the music I have on iTunes, not even one third of the stuff I have on there. I did send them an email and when I get an answer, I will share it. Maybe a couple of days. Thanks bud........!!


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Use iTunes and de-authorize the machines you no longer use, the reauthorize the one you do use.

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It is to limit the number of computers you can hook your iPhone/iPod to prevent file sharing. Last time I looked it was 5. (I think but it has been a while)

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