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iPod Classic 6th Generation. Model A1238 / 80, 120, or 160 GB hard drive / black or silver metal front

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iPod Classic turns off randomly while in sleep mode

Issue with 6th gen iPod Classic:

Hello, I was wondering what part of the iPod or where it would be on the motherboard if it is a parts/module/piece issue. I don't think it is a software issue, for this. My iPod works fine, but when I put it to sleep, after a while it will shut off and the clicker noise and setting turns to off upon restart.

It also won't turn on after it shuts off unless it is reset via the center and menu button.

I know (or am sure of. I could be wrong.) it isn't the battery as I replaced the battery. The Hard Drive is fine, too. I'm not able to figure out what part or component handles the click noise. I'm sadly no logicboard expert.

Would anyone know what is the cause or anything related to it?

I was thinking that possibly the clicker is overloading the motherboard due to being loose or hit? Thank you

UPDATE: apparently it shuts off when sleeping even if the clicker setting is off. So I dont see why it would turn it off when it shuts off.

UPFATE #2: apparently it does this in sleep mode regardless of if the hold switch is toggled, but did it when clicker was on. I'll see if it does it when the clicker is off and no hold button toggled.

UPDATE #3: Also, it is like "Deep Sleep" but doesn't occur after 24 hour or even 18 or even 5. It happens possibly between 10-30 minutes. Is this intentional? its required me to force restart it to get it to get out of deep sleep mode.

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Hey Arc, my ipod 160 gb has the same issue, did you ever figure out what caused the problem?

I restored the ipod, bought a new battery but no dice. Let it drain all the way and recharged and still get the deep sleep issue after the ipod remains idle for 20 minutes. Sadly, replacing the logic board costs $150.

I have yet to see a solution to this after spending many days researching but if you figured out a solution or have any ideas please let me know.

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Sadly I haven't. I've been browsing for a long while. If I ever figure out what it is, I will alert you. Honestly I think it's the motherboard or hard drive at this point. But I think its most likely the MOBO. If you have an extra like 30-80-120 etc HDD, I'd attempt to try that out temporarily. Maybe a cleanse with compressed air will work.

I have tried 97 or so percent isopropyl alcohol with a nogo. didn't work, unless I cleaned off the wrong places.

Hope the air suggestion works for you. :(


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