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Repair guides and support for computer monitors produced by Samsung.

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Why does the LCD screen turn white?

Samsung SyncMaster 2233SW monitor which is plugged into a security camera system's NVR has a perfect picture for just a short time until it blinks out to thin vertical colored lines and quickly fades to white. After shutting the monitor down for a few minutes and powering back on, the picture is normal for a few minutes and then back to white. I have already changed all of the recommended capacitors and it didn't help. New inverter/transformer? New screen?

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@megabell just to clarify. It collapses to a single line, then the whole monitor or just the line turns white? Tried a different input? The white screen (if it is the whole panel is usually caused by the backlight staying on but loosing video input.....


Thanks @oldturkey03 To clarify, the whole panel turns white with thin faint colored vertical lines. The thin faint lines disappear to an entirely white screen. I've played around with the video input and got no results unless it's something to do with the video input card. I don't understand how it can be fixed for a few minutes by shutting the monitor off for a little while...


agreed,something gets hot and shuts off. Have you tried a different input just to mnake sure? Can you post some images of your boards so I can see if I possibly have the right schematic? Does not sound like an inverter issue but more like the input board.



I agree with OT03, something is getting hot and shutting down. The way to find this if you are so inclined is to get a can of freezer spray and try to locate the offending component by 'cooling it with the spray to see if the monitor stays on (for a while anyway).

Here is what I mean and how to use it.


If you do find a component that is affected by the freezing spray, do not assume that it is the faulty one. It may be, but it also may be being affected by another component e.g. a transistor may run hot due to a faulty resistor(usually associated with the transistor's circuit) that affects the operating parameters of the transistor, rather than the transistor itself being faulty.

Also if you do this, be very safety conscious. Be aware AT ALL TIMES that with the covers removed there can be 'live' (perhaps lethal) voltages present. Switch off the power and remove the cord every time before you touch anything. Even then be careful capacitors can pack a nasty punch if you are not expecting it.


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When we turn on the monitor yellow light is coming going coming going

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The monitor is not working


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