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Repair guides for Android cell phones manufactured by Kyocera. Kyocera is headquartered in Kyoto, Japan and was founded in 1959.

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External Speaker Volume for Tones/Talking almost out Hydro Icon

My Kyocera Hydro Icon external sound volume for all ring/notifications, Alarms, Music, and Most importantly audio for phone call conversations when choosing the speaker phone option just went to a low volume. I have had the phone for 1 year and tried all the usual adjustments with no luck. Searching the web I find others with this problem but not one concrete answer. Next step is a factory reboot. Have not done so as the only way I can find to save my contacts is to send them to Google in the sky. Not Interested.

Any other way to save them, and, any better ideas as to how this situation should be corrected?

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I have the same problem on my Kyocera Hydro wave the external speaker is not working. I think the speaker problem is a Manufacturing defect on pretty much all of their phones. I haven't found any answers to that problem yet, but I can help with the problem your having with saving your contacts. I have found that you can use the file manager to copy them to an external SD card, but remember to Unmount the card from the phone before you do the factory reset. just go into your settings menu then under Storage is where it gives you the Unmount option. the second way to save your contacts is to send them to either another phone via Bluetooth (i use this option when I'm sending to a phone that doesn't have service to it) or via messaging (using this option if you don't have another phone with service on it you can send it to a friend or family members phone as an attachment. they usually callit a "V-card"). I hope this helps you at least with the problem with saving your contacts, but just so you know for me personally a factory reset didn't do anything to fix my speaker problem.i haven't found a solution to that yet but I am gonna contact Kyocera themselves and see what they have to say about the speaker or...and....my cracked screen.lol Good luck fixing your phone

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I have had my kyocera hydro this September will be a year first I could only answer calls with either a head phone head set or a Bluetooth head set and with speaker. now it's worse now I don't have system sounds games you tube I haven't checked if I can still use speaker phone to answer calls but I doubt it I still have my ringer and alarms I have tried to factory restore it and it doesn't help i still have the same problem and this happened to my phone over night while it was sitting in my dessor so I know it's not something I have done.

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