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The Samsung Galaxy S II is a smartphone designed, developed, and marketed by Samsung Electronics with Android 2.3 "Gingerbread."

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Touchscreen not responding properly


I have just replaced the front glass on a samsung galaxy s2 i9100 I brought. The touchscreen on the bottom doesn't seem to respond properly I can't press anything on the bottom 1cm or so of the screen. The odd thing is I can use the bottom to swipe the screen left and right and also when I write a message the bottom of the screen works fine I can press it with no problems and it responds so I can't understand why it doesn't work else where. Now and again the phone freezes and I need to lock the phone then unlock it for it to respond again and if I plug the charger even less of the screen responds. Any help would be appreciated

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It seems like your phone's digitizer might be broken.

Here is a video on how to replace it: Samsung Galaxy S II Front Glass/Digitizer Replacement

Digitizer: https://www.google.com.au/webhp?sourceid...

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I was thinking that but can't understand why the keyboard buttons on the bottom of the screen and swiping it work fine, yet when it's to press the phone keypad and other things there it doesn't


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