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The Lenovo G570 is a 15-inch laptop announced in January 2011.

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hinge problems resulting repaired resulting in no signal

hinges have comeout of their slot and the corner is broken. right side hinge is ok. i am buying a bottom cover from Amazon.in for replacement.I want to do it myself .please necessary help . i purchased a new bottom cover and fixed it nicely as per Lenova G 570 manual but now i haVE MUCKEDUP SOMWHERE AND SYSTEM IS DEAD.NO LED LOHTS, NO SIGNAL IN THE SCREEN.

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Not sure how old this post is. I would start from the beginning and double check that all the connectors are seated properly, not at weird angles or creased. They need to be in straight. Also, when you disasembled it, I hope you were using an anti-static mat, and anti-static wrist strap to reduce and prevent static discharge across components.


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First u see ac adaptor is it ok,

Then u remove display cable from motherboard ie .is on back of laptop,now u on the laptop power light glows

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