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Why is my laptop so slow?

I recently bought this used laptop and the guy i bought it from claimed he was a computer tech. guy, and said he changed alot of things on the computer such as he put something in it and now it can have alot more memory and he made it so it can play blu-ray movies. But now i am afraid to restart the computer to factory settings because of all the changes he has made, It has windows seven, and is soooo slow, sometimes i will simply click to turn on music and it wont even open the music files. Should I just be brave and restart the computer to factory defaults?

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I would try going to toolslib.com and grab adw run that and a melware try your start options and remove anything unnecessary

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well Melissa do u have any anti-virus on your computer if you havn't i think your computer is viruses 'n needs to install some Anti - virus.

second if you installed any virus program so maybe your computer ram is less than that he says to you right-click on the my computer or this pc and choose properties 'n the you can see your computer informs. your prob have many reasons but these are is important of another . i hope that was helpful for you.

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indeed you can contact me and tell me more about that if you want :Mojtap.lovely@gmail.com


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