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The Samsung Galaxy Alpha smartphone was released in September of 2014 and is also known as the Samsung Galaxy Alfa. It runs on the Android operating system and is carried by most major cellular providers.

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How can I maximize the battery life of my phone?

I just need some suggestions to maximize the battery life of my Samsung Galaxy Alpha.

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Maximizing the battery life can be done in various ways. Lowering the screen brightness and timeout duration helps to save battery power. You can also enable the power save mode in the settings tab which will help in maximizing the battery life automatically.

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I tried all that and the saving mode is really annoying as it turns the screen brightness down too much and you end up turning it off. Turning off Location services and Wifi works just as well but then you lose the capabilities you bought the thing for. The only real solution is to dump the phone which I will do as soon as I can get the upgrade. I've excepted the fact that for now the phone is going to die before the day is done unless I plug it in at work. If somebody could tell me how to get rid of the default music app that would really make me happy. I've tried everything and it will not go away. The phone ignores other players and always defaults to the app I don't want. I have to manually select the app I want.

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