Why my MacBook can't turn on and also iSight light blinking

I've got a problem! Is there anyone can help me?

The iSight light is blinking with green color. Sometimes the system can be turned on but sometimes it can't.

I've taken out the battery, RAM, and disconnected the power and still cannot turn on.

I tried to hold power button for 5 second, still can't get the system to start, I then tried to hold 10 seconds still cannot, then tried 30 seconds still dead.

Any idea?.

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Given the systems age you could have a few issues here. But before we start how much are you willing to do? This system is quite limited as it can't run and thing newer than OS-X 10.7 (Lion) and only 32bit apps.

Apple no longer offers security updates so if you are surfing the web you could be at risk.

You might consider upgrading to a newer system (new or used) vs putting money into this system.


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