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Since upgrading the hard drive my feet keep falling out!

I followed the excellent hard drive replacement guide and successfully upgraded my iBook hard drive from a 40GB stock drive to a Western Digital 320 GB - quite a jump!

The day after the upgrade I noticed that two of the grey feet had come out of the bottom of the laptop, I found them on the floor after a bit of hunting around on my knees and put them back in.

They fell out within an hour.

Does anyone have any suggestion as to how I can prevent this from happening? I am considering putting some glue in there just to keep them in place, but I would rather not do that.

I hope someone else has had this issue and found a solution as it's driving me crazy because the laptop doesn't feel right without those feet at the back!


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Thank you for your advice, I refitted the feet and they've been rock solid since (I waited for a couple of weeks before posting back, just to make sure).


Glad it worked for you. Come back any time you have problems ;-)


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The screws and holders that the feet go into have to be rotated to the right position to go all the way down. Elsewise the rubber feet will pop out. Just play with it till it seats. Theres an notch that it fits into,

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