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Is the touch problem in y6 pro software problem or hardware?

The touch in y6 pro is veeeeeery bad is it hardware problem or software problem?

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Enable the developer options by clicking 7-10 consecutive times on the kernel version in your "settings - about phone".

Then open the developer options - animation "off" - transition "off".. It won't secure your problem permanently but it will do for a period of time.. Note* keep your internal memory below 50% used space or else you will face some buggy software instability..

Cheers ;)

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Protect ur screen from dirt. Keep dry then touch will be ok


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Follow these steps, it worked for me ;)

1. Try to remove the cover.

2. Disable "Show correction suggestions"

3. Disable "Personilzed suggestions"

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I have this model, I did every software solution to solve this but no change, so it's a hardware problem

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