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Where is the balaster on a projector? What does it look like?

I just put a new lamp in my projector and it will still not light up, even though it does power on. I was told the balaster and color wheel go out often in these lcd projectors. I don't see any information on the balaster, what it looks like and the complexity of a repair.

My projector powers on, light turns green on power then after a minute the light indicator for the lamp turns red and the power indicator starts flashing red. (Maybe I was sold a dud bulb..) Any feedback would be appreciated.

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@kchristenson you are looking for this part

Block Image

located under a shield front right

Block Image

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I believe you're looking to change the ballast of the projector. I found a video on how to change this on an Epson projector. Even though it's not your exact model, you may be able to follow some of those tips in the video:


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