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Repair and troubleshooting help for the Memo Pad ME172V, a 2013 tablet manufactured by Asus.

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Is it possible to replace the sleep / power button?

I have the ASUS Memo Pad ME172V and for about a year now I haven't been able to use it because the sleep button doesn't respond when pushed (I don't feel a click like when I push the volume up/down buttons). If it is completely dead, I can plug it in to charge and it will power on. It functions fine but I can't push the sleep / wake button. If I let it time out / sleep, i can't "wake" it back up - unless i plug it in again, which brings up the lock screen and im back.

Thus, the only way to really use it, is with the display set to never sleep. As you can imagine, this doesn't lend itself to great battery life - so I've pretty much given up on it. Today I saw it on the shelf and thought I'd give it another go. Hopefully it can be brought back to life, as it's an otherwise fully functioning tablet!

I have looked at the page for this specific tablet, but I didn't see a tear down, and im wondering if it's possible to order a new sleep/power button / find out if this is an easy swap (I've replaced parts in iPhones/iPod touches before including headphone jack and vibrate motor) - but I try to avoid soldering.

Anyway, any help/suggestions/links would be appreciated!


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There should be no reason not to be able to replace it, mind you these lower cost units sure use some crapy parts, Here is a link for you https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=toIhrEzH... that is for taking it apart as for the parts that is another story

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